All individuals doing business with Brick House Property Management, Inc. shall hold true to honesty, integrity, and strong ethics. Residents, Property Owners or Investors, and Industry Partners are the key to our success and must be at the forefront of how we conduct our daily business.

One Time Tenant Placement

For the owner that only needs some assistance in finding a qualified renter for their vacancy but will continue handling the full responsibilities of the property, we can assist you by coordinating any rehab, remodel or providing insight to help you get the highest rent possible. We then handle complete marketing of the vacancy which includes signage, photography & a complete online presence until a qualified tenant is found. The lease signing & walkthrough inspection completed and all documents and disbursement provided to you to handle for duration of the tenancy.

Tenant Transition

If you already have tenants in your property we will do our best to cultivate a strong relationship with them by sending out written letters notifying them of the management transition and explain to them what we do. We’ll be sure to include our contact information, how and where to pay rent, rules and regulations, new rental/lease agreements and any other paper work they will need. We have found that providing a personal approach with our tenants helps not only in the transition process but also to build a strong relationship with each tenant, encouraging longevity and satisfaction.


We are on call 24/7 in the event of a flood, fire or any emergency. Owners & tenants can have the peace of mind knowing that we are prepared at any time day or night should the situation arise. We will then notify you of the situation during normal hours and keep you updated so their will be no surprises. We maintain a list of trusted vendors we’ve had a close working relationship with for many years. This means that we know their quality, reliability and get the best pricing possible for jobs that might cost more. They are licensed and insured and warranty their work making it easy to handle recurring problems. Upon signing of the management agreement, we determine an expense limit that will require us to notify you for your specific approval.


Our accounting experts allow you to relax while they take care of all financial transactions related to your property. Accounting services include: Monthly Rent Collection Ensure that all rents are in by their due dates and posted correctly. When they are not received accordingly, we begin the unlawful detainer process. Vendor Payments Receive and approve invoices for satisfactorily completed work at the building and make appropriate payments from the building account. We never mark up outside vendor invoices. Bank Reconciliation Receive monthly bank statement(s) and reconcile to all managed accounts in compliance with Department of Real Estate rules and regulations. Monthly and Yearly Operating Statements Provide monthly Operating Statements on the 20th of each month, detailing revenue and expenses for the previous month. Statements include year-to-date data so, at the end of the year, you are ready to go straight to your CPA. Owner Distribution Prepare, process, and make deposits on your behalf to most financial institutions.


At Brick House Property Management, our job is to make sure your property is well taken care of and is in good hands. We use speedy advertising services, and we link with the best high-traffic websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist when advertising for rent. Customer support and care is our number one priority. Our job is to make sure you invest in the right place and make the best out of it – this is the first rule for professional property management.

Community Management - HOA's and Condos

HOA management is different than managing a single family and multi family homes and takes daily focus to ensure owners are not paying too much for association dues and that the community is properly overseen. Below are some of the services you will receive when contracted with Brick House Property Management.  Monthly or quarterly billing to owners - included in management fee  Collection of all dues, assessments and fees. Placing liens if needed –included in management fee  Weekly inspections of the property based on office hours – included in management fee  Oversee any outside vendors i.e. security patrol, landscaping and janitorial with annual bids to ensure within fair market rates – included in management fee  Updating gate codes and renter/owner changes – included in management fee  Monthly and annual accounting statements to board – included in management fee  Attendance of annual association meeting – included in management fee  Ensure that owners are following any CC&R’s, bylaws etc.- included in management fee  Oversee needs of association based on CC&R, bylaws regulations - included in management fee  Maintaining documentation of insurance of owners, vendors and more - included in management fee When managing association, all these services are ‘included’ to the association, however additional work due to violations of CC&R’s or additional work, inspections, property visits may be charged to owner or property.