Portland Relocation Assistance Ordinance FAQ

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Information on City of Portland Ordinance 188219,


On February 2, 2017, the Portland City Council passed Ordinance 188219. The ordinance is commonly referred to as the Relocation Assistance Ordinance or the Tenant Protection Ordinance. The new law mandates that Portland landlords provide relocation assistance to tenants if they issue a no-cause eviction or increase rent by 10% or more in a 12-month period. Ordinance 188219 only applies to rental units within the city of Portland. Depending on the size of the living space, landlords have to pay tenants between $2,900 to $4,500. Relocation Assistance must be paid to the tenant at least 45 days before the move out date given on the tenant’s termination notice. There are some exceptions depending on the type of lease the tenant has and the number of properties the landlord owns. For example, the ordinance does not apply to week-to-week tenancies, tenants who occupy the same dwelling unit as the landlord, and a landlord who rents only a single unit in the city of Portland

The definition of a no-cause eviction is the eviction of a tenant who has not broken the terms of the lease. Tenants evicted for for-cause (aka just-cause) evictions would not qualify for relocation benefits under the Relocation Assistance Ordinance. To view the factsheet that the City of Portland created about the new landlord/tenant law, click here. To view Ordinance 188219, click here.

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